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Article on Readers Edition on newassignment.net

Well, we have not done any cross-promotion yet, so it is about time now. I wrote an article on German’s most ambitious Citizen Journalism project, Readers Edition. It can be found here on Newassignment. I also put a slightly longer and detailed version on Kopfzeiler, so if you want to go into detail, click here.

And for those of you wondering why the startpage is not showing anything – Jan has been trying hard to get it going, so we hope we will have something there in the very near future. Do not call us DAUs please, we are working on it!

Update: As some things have developed in the last few days and the article had been on hold for a couple of weeks, it did not cover the latest developments. That should be fixed soon in Newassignment, but I already updated the post on Kopfzeiler.

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