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Al Gore is running – but is he running for president?

Al Gore
An inconvenient body – but maybe not for too long (photo via Flickr)

Seeing Democratic environmentalist Al Gore at the gym has not happened often, lately. So when BBC correspondent Matt Frei recently saw Mr Gore at the gym of a hotel, running wild on a running machine (first price for horrible play on words for that one), it sure means something. Observers have predicted for a long time: If the former Vice President looses weight, he will surely run for president. Knowing a presidential candidate cannot allow himself to be in bad shape or make a similar style-faux pas, Mr Gore surely knows how important good looks are. But he also knows money matters – and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been very successful in doing fundraising so far. Would it be too late for him to join the game now? Probably not, but he might have to announce his decision pretty soon: Not only to join the fundraising race, but also to get into gear before the Clinton/Obama campaign machines get rolling and pick up Democratic voters still unconvinced by the current candidates.

Interestingly, the mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, commented today he would like to see Mr Gore run (for president, that is) – which leaves the possibility open Mr Bloomberg (who ran in his first term for the Republican party, but is considered as independent by many) might be somehow involved in Mr Gore’s team, possibly as a candidate for Vice-Presidency. Of course only if the man from Tennessee manages to become the Democratic front-runner.

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