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Why the rage grows

Ian Tomlinson walks he streets of London with his hands in his pockets. Maybe the 47-year-old newspaper seller is not feeling well. As he slowly moves along, he is shoved from behind by riot police and hits the ground hard. Other people around him have to help him up. A few minutes later he is dead, supposedly from a heart attack.

I am not sure whether Scotland Yard has tried to cover up this incident. I do think that it was a bad idea to let London’s police investigate the London police’s behavior in the first place. What I am absolutely certain about is that it is pictures like these that show that something is wrong in the way police all over the Western world have come to treat their citizens who protest against international events, most of whom do peacefully so. And it is footage like this that fuels the rage all over the world. Whomever police-officer has done this: Shame on you, I hope you will have to go to court for this one.

My thoughts go out to Mr. Tomlinson’s family.

Update 4/18: As Mr. Tomlinson died from internal bleeding, the police officer may be charged with manslaughter

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