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Frank Turner, the guy who saves Punkrock with his wooden guitar

If there is a soundtrack for people who keep standing up and smiling, no matter what shit life throws at them, Frank Turner is its composer. I won’t make comparisons to Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen, but if there is any guy who comes close to articulate the way the generation 20-to-30-somethings think, Mr. Turner from Meonstoke, England, is the man.

So, punkrock indeed didn’t live up to what we hoped it could be, but seeing him playing at the Ramones Museum in Berlin (photo), in front of 60 people, with around a dozen knowing all the lyrics (including me…well, not all of them, he uses far too many words for an old fart like me), was a very spezial moment. Over the years I have seen lots of small bands becoming the next big thing and it will be the same with Frank Turner. He will be huge, soon, and he definitely deserves having thousands sing along to his songs (and not only in Reading, like in the video). And I will still be one of them.

Frank Turner @Ramones Museum

Frank Turner’s new album “Poetry of the deed“ will be out on September 11th (sic!) in Germany. He also blogs, which of course makes him even more sympathetic (ha, I hope you got the irony).

4 Gedanken zu „Frank Turner, the guy who saves Punkrock with his wooden guitar“

    oasisUK sagt:

    Das „next big thing“ zu werden wäre ihm zu wünschen, gefällt mir! Allerdings bezweifele ich dass das heutzutage reicht: er ist nicht geschminkt, benutzt keine voice-effects und sein Geschlecht ist klar bestimmbar, es ist also davon auszugehen dass es nichts wird mit dem Megatopsellingsuperstar-life. But staying indie is not a shame… 😉

    Kathrin sagt:

    I strongly agree! The guy is awesome and deserves way more people appreciating what he is doing. I like your new „kopfzeiler“ style btw. Keep on rolling

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    […] habe ja schon öfter erwähnt, ein großer Frank-Turner-Fan zu sein. Nun ist sein neues Album England Keep My Bones […]

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